The beginning

Peter grew up in the South part of Holland. Near where he lived there where a lot of pigeon fanciers. As a young boy he was asked to assist in the care of pigeons by an old fancier and that way he also became infected with the pigeon virus.
In 1964, he joined the pigeon association in Waalre and together with pigeons mate Wim Faassen he played in the junior league of the Concourse Commission Eindhoven. In the late sixties he moved to the seniors and a few years later, his first championship was a reality. Until his military service in 1973, he did especially well on the short distance and the flights for youngsters.
Shortly after his military service was ended his old hobby was picked up again. He married with Ria, moved two times and after a long battle with one of his neighbours, who hates pigeons very much, he started looking for a house with a large garden and ended up on his current address in Budel -Dorplein.

The Old Moorland Loft
Peter en Ria

A new start

With the move from Waalre to Budel Dorplein went into a large number of pigeons lost.
Helped by Edmond Tournier from Lommel, Jan Hermans Waalre, Tiny van Herpen from Den Bosch and fellow townsman Gijs Peters a new pigeon colony was build. Via Henri Venrooij Zeilberg -Deurne the first Janssen Arendonk pigeons came strengthen the colony.
A colleague of Ria married Ton Voorjans from Eindhoven and during the wedding, Peter and Ton learned to know each other well. With the racing pigeons Ton played for a long time in combination with his father-in-law. Once settled with his wife he went to play on his own account.
On both lofts as well Eindhoven as Budel- Dorplein there became also a focus as to the overnight.
This leads in Budel-Dorplein that again a large number of pigeons special for the long distance of Jan and Rik Hermans and Edmond Tournier came to reinforce the colony.

On their current address enjoy Ria and Peter already more than 25 years their pigeons. This was in the beginning quite yet so sure, Ria initially don’t like racing pigeons very much. Through his work for Philips was Peter sometimes for long time abroad. Along with Pigeons friend Pierre Looymans Ria then took care about the pigeons.
However, it can be weird. Pierre Looymans was sickly and died. When Peter wanted to quit the sport because he was so often for extended periods, Ria was strongly opposed. Over the years, she likes the pigeons more and more , but also the many friendly contacts in the club and the many friendships through sport.
Until today Ria is an indispensable link. She is the one who takes a great deal of care. Peter morning often leave early and home late at night. Ria then takes care for the young and old pigeons.

Join forces

With much respect looked Peter on the long distance flights to the club- mate Wim Bax from Budel, which with relatively a small colony pigeons to big performance came. It was not long before the first pigeons of Wim Bax came strengthen the colony of Peter and Ria..
Through a pigeon sale there was a close friendship with Cees van Bijsterveldt from Chaam and from that moment every year a few pigeons exchanged. At first only for long distance flights, later also for the normal program flights. Also the links with Tiny van Herpen and Jan and Rik Hermans remained in position. Via both colonies came also the pigeons from Cor de Heijde.

The friendship and trust that arose between Peter and Ton Voorjans eventually led to their hands in a beat for the construction of a breeding loft that the name “The Old moorland”. Since that time they go together looking to strengthen and knocked on at Gerard Koopman in Ermerveen. The Koopman pigeons picked up for the program play and the middle distance flights tremendously well on the Tournier pigeons and the reinforcements that almost every year came from Jan and Rik Hermans … supplemented with pigeons from Henri van Venrooij (Janssen / Koopman / Verkerk) … Cees van Bijsterveldt ( Kennes H / J Hooymans) Jan de Graef Weert (Schaerlaeckens) Comb. John Van Wanrooij Geffen.

On the overnight flights it is the pigeons from “the 38 line” of Wim Bax and the Cor de Heijde pigeons via Tiny van Herpen, Jan and Rik Hermans and Cees van Bijsterveldt that make furor.

Recently, for the long distance flights we achieved also pigeons by Gerrit Hendriks from Ysselsteyn (Line Anny’s Boy and Snippy). The middle distance and one day long distance pigeons are supplemented with pigeons from different toppers by Jan and Rik Hermans and Combination John van Wanrooij from Geffen. Last year there are also several pigeons entered by Dirk van Dyck Zandhoven and Jos Joosten Brecht via Gijs Peters and “Helen (Liu Hong Min)”

Thuiskomst duif

Budel-Dorplein and Eindhoven

The breeding pigeons are housed in the lofts in Budel-Dorplein. Every year Ria and Peter breed youngsters for Ton.
In both places…. in Eindhoven by Ton and Budel Dorplein by Peter and Ria is played at a high level with the pigeons. The two lofts can compete on all parts with the best players in the CC Eindhoven and Division East Brabant.