Three times the first on one day

Saturday 12-7 was a beautiful day with the 1st Dax in the club of 38 pigeons, 9th in CC Eindhoven of 262 pigeons and 43rd in East Brabant of 1156 pigeons. At Sezanne we again won the 1st in the club of 134 pigeons and also the 7th in CC Eindhoven of 886 pigeons and 15th in East  Brabant of 1914 pigeons ( 50th total of 3947 pigeons). With the youngsters we again shined 1-3-9 in the club of 248 p., Also 1-3-11-38 in rayon East CC Eindhoven of 411 pigeons.

Argenton 1-2-3 Isnes 1-3-6

At Argenton it went fine again in the club we win 1-2-3 from 81 pigeons. In the CC Eindhoven  7-10-11-25 of 649 p. Even in the afdeling OOst- Brabant it went well with 22-27-29-84 the fastest four of 3.050 pigeons. Earlier in the day we won 1-3-6 with the old pigeons on Isnes against 122 pigeons. In the CC Eindhoven good for 4-8-19 of 342 p.

Chimay en Issoudun 25-5

On Issoudun of 25-5 we win 2nd and 13th against 1241 pigeons. In Oost-Brabant we started with the 11th of 5267 pigeons. In the morning on Chimay we had the 2nd of 1184 p. in district East CC Eindhoven.

Season 2019

In the 2019 season we are now ready for the 5th flight from Nanteuil. Because we switch to one day long distance and the national and international marathon races, we are participating with many more pigeons this year, including a large group of yongsters from 2018. In general the pigeons came home well so far anf the losses were limited. We even managed to win the 1st  from Vervins against 326 pigeons on Vervins from April 27 in the club. Also the 3rd in district east of the CC Eindhoven against 986 birds.

We will keep you informed as much as possible during the season. We wisch all of you a nice season.


Winner of 7.912 birds on Sezanne 09-06-2018

At the very difficult semi provincial flight Sezanne of June 9, 2018, our first-signed pigeon NL 16-3645260 “Helen” managed to keep all opponents behind and win the victory against 7,912 pigeons. She was also the fastest of 3,997 pigeons in rayon East and was also the first in the CC Eindhoven (1,436 pigeons) and the club of  226 pigeons. “Helen” was bred by two pigeons from Liu Hong Min from China, who were temporarily housed in our loft by “Olieman” Gijs Peters and waited there for their departure to China. “Helen” is a hen that was raced on a 7-day youngster. A hen that did fine until now. Besides the 1st Sezanne 7.892 p., She also won the 1st Chimay 104 p., 2nd Quiévrain 513 p., 2nd Vervins 398 p., 10th Isnes 1148 p. etc. This year she stayed at home one time because she had to lay but did not miss her prize yet. Father is B 14/892 “Blauwe Diels” a son of “Goudhaantje” from Rudi Diels, mother is the B 14/772 direct Dirk van Dyck (“Son Peggy” x “Dtr Di Caprio”) and also our second pigeon the NL 17/035 “De Bonte 035” did well with a 12th in the provincial flight against 7912 pigeons, 7th in the region East of 3997 pigeons and the 3rd in the CC Eindhoven of 1436 pigeons. He was bred out of two pigeons from Jan and Rik Hermans with as father NL 13/964 (“Brother Charlene x” Witpenneke 006 “) and as mother” Daughter Thinkerbell “(” The Start “x” Thinkerbell “). And no less important “Helen” was the 1st and “De Bonte 035” the second signed from the basketing list.


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